Make a Formal Submission

Written submissions can be made by any individual or organisation on any issues relating to the NYC’s terms of reference.


There is no word limit on a written submission but we suggest that you keep it concise and to the point.


Some people or organisations may request anonymity or confidentiality. If someone or an organisation requests anonymity, all identifying details will be removed. If someone or an organisation request confidentiality, the NYC will keep the submission (or relevant parts of it) confidential and it/those parts will not be published, nor will they be quoted by the National Youth Commission in its report.


The National Youth Commission reserves the right not to publish any submission if it considers it inappropriate to do so.


By publishing written submissions on its website, the National Youth Commission will express no opinion as to the content or accuracy of any of the submissions or other materials to which the submissions may refer.


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For any further queries about submissions, please contact or call 03 9965 4911