605,000 young people under the age of 25 years are currently unemployed or underemployed


934,000 young people are not participating in the labour force


50% of the world’s young people will end up in jobs that haven’t been created yet

What can we do?

In May 2022, a new Federal government was elected, and with it comes to the hope that there may be a renewed focus on the issues and challenges facing young people. There also comes the hope that this new government may be more open to listening to the lived experience and expertise of young people as well as those engaged with young people. However, we are still facing the long tail of the COVID pandemic and its impact. Combined with the nation’s economic challenges, there is still much to do.


Here is where you step in.

Build the Evidence


Contribute to a roadmap for the future by getting involved in public hearings, focus groups, online submissions, surveys, and the Youth Futures Summit.

Collect Your Stories


Your opinion matters, and will help to develop recommendations for government, employers, and policy makers to better support and empower young people everywhere.

Advocate for Change


Through these activities the NYCA advocates for an ecosystem of education, employment and transition to independence that will see all young people equipped and supported to fully participate in work and the community.

Action Hub – A Platform For Change

The NYCA’s Action Hub is a community platform with news, events, videos, and more on the issues young people face in employment and transitions.