Alice Springs Public Hearing FAQs

Alice Springs Public Hearing FAQs

Where Do I Go?

Alice Springs

Wednesday 23rd October

Corkwood Room 

Desert Knowledge Australia, in the Desert Knowledge Precinct.

475 South Stuart Highway, Alice Springs NT 0870

Agenda On The Day

The agenda for each public hearing is as follows:

9:00 amPublic hearing begins
9:00-9:35 amPresentation #1
9:40-10:15 amPresentation #2
10:20-10:40 amBREAK
10:40-11:15 amPresentation #3
11:20-11:55 amPresentation #4
12:00 -1:00 pmLUNCH
1:00-1:35 pmPresentation #5
1:40-2:15 pmPresentation #6
2:20-2:40 pmBREAK
2:40-3:15 pmPresentation #7
3:20-3:55 pmPresentation #8
4:00 pmPresentation #9

Each presentation runs for 20 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of question time from the Commissioners. There will be time during the breaks and at the end of the day to have conversations with the presenters, other observers and the Commissioners.  


There will be three Commissioners at the Alice Springs Public Hearings: Dr. May Lam and Mr. Finbar Piper. You can read their biographies here.

General Tips For Being An Observer

  • Please put your phones on silent as to not disturb the presenters
  • Remain quiet during the presentations
  • Please do not film or take photos of people presenting without prior consent
  • Time your arrival and departure before or after presentations, not during someone’s presentation.

Questions Or Queries

If you have any questions or queries we can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out at This includes how we can make this event inclusive of you.

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