Focus Groups

Why Focus Groups Matter:


Focus groups, public hearings, online submissions and engagement through various social media platforms are some of the ways in which the NYCA aims to connect with people.

The focus groups are particularly critical to the inquiry because:


They enable us to hear from people from diverse backgrounds. We want to hear from a diverse range of people in order to ensure the work of the NYCA is inclusive of different communities of people. We’re aiming to run focus groups with people that may be less likely to provide written submissions or testify at public hearings. For example young people from marginal backgrounds or people with disability.


They amplify and empower the youth voice. Young people’s voices are often absent from debates about education, training, employment and the future of work. Although some young people are attending our public hearings and/or completing written submissions, the primary way we are engaging with young people is through focus groups.


They provide a platform from which to collect evidence and ideas for solutions. The evidence we gather out of focus groups is different from the evidence being collected through public hearings and written submissions. The focus group setting provides a unique environment for us to consider and discuss possible solutions to the challenges faced by young people in employment and transitions.

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