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The National Youth Commission Australia (NYCA) is an independent, non-partisan community inquiry into the challenges faced by young people preparing for and seeking work now and into the future.


There are plenty of ways that you can get involved with the NYCA, and we will post opportunities regularly on this page. Right now you can donate, register to attend the Youth Futures Summit, and subscribe to our newsletter below.

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    Youth Futures Summit


    The Youth Futures Summit is a week-long virtual event that will bring together thousands of diverse people across multiple sectors and communities to re-imagine education, training and employment systems for young people, and the rest of Australia.


    YFS2020 will:


    Draw together thousands of people from multiple sectors and communities that are reflective of the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs that make up all of Australia

    Be co-presented, co-attended and shaped by young people

    Deep-dive into the challenges and identify what the solutions should be

    Explore a number of different areas from education, youth mental health, the Australian economy, training, job services, young workers’ rights, and what the future of work will look like.

    Attend a Public Hearing


    Registering for an NYCA public hearing is a great way to get involved and have your voice heard. Hearings are open to all members of the public including young people, educators, employers, government, parents, service providers, youth workers and more.


    For current hearing dates Click Here



    What can you present on?


    Click here to download our Guide to Presenting which has all the information you need or read our Public Hearings FAQs.

    Become a Partner Organisation


    Already there are over 130 organisations supporting the NYCA either financially or in-kind or both. If your organisation would like to partner with and/or support the NYCA contact us on

    Become a Youth Ambassador


    Young Ambassadors can represent a State, Territory or region – they can also represent a cohort of young people. Youth Ambassadors consult directly with young people and ensure that their voices are resoundingly heard and represented in the work of the NYCA.


    Why become a Youth Ambassador for the NYCA?


    You’ll get skills and experience in grassroots work: our youth ambassadors are able to get involved with the many different parts of the NYCA, including public hearings, events, workshops, operations and more. Ambassadors get to develop their skills in real and practical ways while being a part of a community movement.


    You’ll make friends and networks: The NYCA is built on a network of over 130 organisations which are supporting this work. Not only will you gain exposure to different spaces and places, but you’ll meet plenty of people who care about youth development and the future of work.


    You’ll create impact on the world we live in: By becoming a youth ambassador with the NYCA, you’ll be part of something bigger – a collective of individuals and organisations who aren’t going to wait around for the government to make the right decisions about these issues. You’ll be working towards impacting the lives and outcomes of young people across the whole country.


    If you are interested in becoming an NYCA Ambassador or would like some information about the role click below:



    You can support the NYCA by making a tax deductible donation. The NYCA is an independent process it does not seek nor does it receive funding from the Australian or State and Territory governments. The NYCA relies on financial support from independent sources.


    If you would like to support this work click below to donate to NYCA.