Media guidelines

National Youth Commission Media Policy for Public Hearings and Submissions



National inquiries such as those conducted by Royal Commissions or the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) rely on the media to keep the public informed and to solicit the participation of those for whom the inquiry is relevant. Of course, Australian Royal Commissions and HREOC inquiries do have statutory powers to compel certain individuals to give evidence. Sometimes particular inquires come under political fire when certain stakeholders feel the inquiry itself has been politicised or more rarely actions or statements from within the inquiry are taken as politically partisan. The National Youth Commission into Youth Employment and Transitions (NYC) is a non-partisan inquiry independent of the Australian Government or any Australian state and territory government.


The NYC and the Australian public

The NYC relies on a wide range of collaborating partners and calls upon individuals and organisations to come forward and give evidence, raise issues and propose solutions. The media has an important role in reaching the Australian public, firstly to raise awareness about the work of the inquiry but secondly, to keep the public informed about the issues being raised and ideas being canvassed.

As a general principle, the National Youth Commission will release as much information about its work as possible, when hearings and NYC events are being held, what issues are being raised in hearings and what ideas for policy and programs are be canvassed. The NYC website will post news stories; there will be frequent tweets; a regular practice will be to hold a press conference after blocs of hearings; and a NYC newsletter will be circulated to various stakeholder group or any registered members of the public who want to keep abreast of the NYC.


Public hearings

The National Youth Commission will hold public hearings in various locations throughout Australia and it will be usual practice for these hearings to be open to the public and the media.

Video excerpts from hearings will be streamed, however, certain hearings will be live streamed. Summaries of each hearing will be posted on the NYC website.

Media outlets will be notified of upcoming public hearings via an advisory notice, through public notices and via the NYC website.

The public hearings will be held in a wide range of locations around Australia, we will notify you of specific arrangements in advance. To join our mailing list click here.


Recording and Filming at NYC events

Media outlets will be able to negotiate access to the National Youth Commission:

  • Recording – (visual and audio) the Chair of the National Youth Commission at the commencement of the hearing will make an opening statement
  • Record particular evidence being presented at a Commission hearing as organised by NYC staff and with the permission of the individual or organisation concerned.
  • Undertake ‘stand-ups’ in a dedicated room arranged by the NYC with the prior permission of the NYC Liaison Officer but without members of the public in attendance.



Transcripts of the National Youth Commission’s public hearings will be published on the NYC website after the NYC research and writing team has completed its analysis work. By the end of the NYC Inquiry, all transcripts will be publicly available, with the exception of testimony that has been tendered under a guarantee of anonymity or confidentiality.


Access to evidence

Media outlets may inspect and take extracts from material tendered in evidence once it has been made available by the NYC on its website. If taken from the NYC website, the media outlet may use such material and has permission to use the material only for the purpose of public reporting of the proceedings of the National Youth Commission. Anything else that is the subject of a non-publication direction must not be published.


Mobile phones

Mobile phones must be switched off or on silent while in the hearing room. Phones are not to be answered by audience members while hearings are in session. Tweeting during hearings is not permitted.


If you have any questions please contact the NYC Executive Officer on 0408 5659 888.