New Report: Youth Futures Guarantee

New Report: Youth Futures Guarantee

Many young people successfully navigate their way from education to employment and independence, but many get left behind. 


This Inquiry by the National Youth Commission Australia (NYCA) was prompted by our concern that an increasing number of young people are struggling to make this transition. It also addresses the lack of any major initiative by Australian governments to investigate and address these escalating problems. Australia’s future well-being and standard of living will depend critically on the next generation of young people. 


This is why we have launched the Youth Futures Guarantee – a roadmap towards building a secure, equitable and prosperous future for young people, and all members of Australian society. 


Explore the reforms and initiatives proposed in the Youth Futures Guarantee that will support young people meet the great challenges of the future, and contribute your feedback to us in the next 3 months as we continue to develop a new deal for all young people in Australia. 


If you have feedback on the Youth Futures Guarantee, please email us at