Public Hearing FAQs

FAQs about Public Hearings

Public Hearing FAQs

What happens if my presentation runs over 20 minutes? 

Unfortunately, all public hearing sessions are limited to 20 minutes presenting, with 15 minutes of Q&A. We are more than happy for you to follow up your session with an online submission that dives into the details. 

Can I use PowerPoint in my presentation? 

You may use PowerPoint or other technology for your session. Please arrange this with NYC staff before your hearing day via

Can I bring promotional material for my organisation/work? 

Please do not bring any promotional material, you can submit these digitally as written submissions via the online submission form. 

Will I be recorded? 

Public hearings are recorded in their entirety by the NYC. After the hearing, NYC staff may contact you to seek further information about issues raised at the public hearing, to check the spelling of any names, any acronyms used or the meaning of technical language.

What will the Commissioners ask me? 

Commissioners will ask you follow up questions that relate to the information you present. It’s okay if you don’t have the answers on the spot. We’re happy for you to have some time to think about it and submit your answer(s) in the form of a written submission. Alternatively, you can simply provide general thoughts as responses to questions.

What will the NYC do with the information I provide? 

You will be properly credited for any intellectual property (IP) you share. By registering to present, you agree to the information you share being used and referenced in articles, discussion papers, reports and any other research documentation created by the NYC secretariat. 

What if I want to present anonymously? 

NYC hearings are usually conducted in public. You may request to give evidence in camera (i.e. private or confidential). The NYC will make the decision to move in camera on request. If the request is granted, the public and media will be excluded from the hearing and only the Commissioners and NYC staff will be present. Please note, in camera evidence will be recorded and may be used by the NYC in such a way that does not identify you.

Please raise any concerns you might have about your evidence with the NYC staff beforehand so that the NYC is aware of your concerns. However, matters may arise during your appearance and you can request to give evidence confidentially at that time.

Register to attend a public hearing

To present evidence to the NYC you must book a speaking time, or contact the NYC on 03 9965 4911 or