Public Hearing Notice

Press Release: Public Hearing Notice for the National Youth Commission

Public Hearing Notice

The National Youth Commission (NYC) into Youth Employment and Transitions has announced the first round of public hearings.


Hearings Commence: Tuesday 5th of March, 2019

Where: Melbourne/Preston/Sunshine/Dandenong/Geelong

Register: Complete Online Form


All hearings are open to the public and any person, business or organisation is welcome to apply to present on a range of issues relating to youth employment and transitions as detailed in the NYC’s terms of reference.


The NYC will hold public hearings in more and various locations throughout Australia. All hearings will be open to the public and the media. Video excerpts from hearings will be streamed where possible. Summaries of each hearing will be posted on the NYC website.


The Commission relies on a wide range of collaborating partners and calls upon individuals and organisations to come forward and give evidence, raise issues and propose solutions. The media has an important role in reaching the Australian public, firstly to raise awareness about the work of the inquiry but secondly, to keep the public informed about the issues being raised and ideas being canvassed.


“There are so many issues around youth employment and even more approaches to addressing these issues. But which solutions actually work? Which are the most effective? We need to know this,” NYC Co-Executive Officer Alex McLean explains.  


“Youth underemployment is at its highest rate in 40 years and we don’t have time to invest in responses that aren’t going to work. Through the process of having Public Hearings we will know which solutions will have the greatest impact on youth employment by drawing on the expertise and lived experience that exists across our country.”


The NYC recognises that no one sector can solve Australia’s challenges alone in regard to youth employment and transitions. These public hearings are an opportunity for members of civil society to share their knowledge in order to shape a future of work that is sustainable and secure for all.


The future of work is what we make it.



For any queries (including media access/coverage), or if you would like to get involved, please contact the NYC Secretariat via 03 9965 4911 or

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