Public Hearings

Why Public Hearings Matter:


The National Youth Commission Australia (NYCA) public hearings are key to connecting with people and collecting evidence and data from across Australia.


Public hearings are particularly critical to the Inquiry because: 


1. They help us find solutions

There are a number of people working in this space who have valuable expertise to shape the future of youth employment and transitions in Australia. We will only be able to develop effective solutions if we are able to capture the diversity of ideas across the country.


2. They create opportunities for you to be heard

This is a platform for you to share your work and ideas. Public hearings are an opportunity for you to join a national discussion.


3. They capture the nuances of ideas

Whether you’re an academic, non-profit leader, industry expert, work with diverse communities, or a young person sharing their lived experience, public hearings are a chance to deep dive into your ideas through conversing with our expert Commissioners.


The National Youth Commission Australia is travelling to every single state and territory in Australia over an 18-month period to conduct public hearings. Click to register to present in your city or town.

Observing Public Hearings

If you would like to attend the public hearings and observe the proceedings please register below. All hearings are open to the public unless specified.