Side Effects May Include

Image of a faceless person with black hair and packets of anti-depression medication around them - side effects may include

Side Effects May Include

Side Effects May Include: Submission by Julia, 24 years old,  VIC


This piece was a Finalist of the Youth Summit Creative Competition 2020, and was originally published by WhyNot?.


Artist Statement: –


‘I created this piece to highlight the impact that mental health can have on maintaining meaningful employment. As a young person who suffers from depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, I have a strong understanding of the barriers that constrict and disadvantage young people in the workforce. I am a passionate advocate for removing the stigma surrounding mental health, and closing the gaps in our current system. 


Side effects may include is a mixed medium self-portrait (oil and acrylic), created with the artists’ prescriptions.’ 


*Disclaimer that therapy and recovery is different for every person, and the artist is not advocating for prescribed medication as a sole treatment option* 

Image of a faceless person with black hair surrounded by anti-depression medication packets - side effects may include

The National Youth Commission Australia partnered with the WhyNot platform for the Youth Futures Creative Competition as part of the 2020 Youth Futures Summit.


We wanted to prompt discussions and raise issues around young people and their transition into employment.


As young people, we face many different barriers to employment including age, disability, education, culture & race, employer prejudice or bias, mental health, social isolation and so many more.


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