Tickets on Sale | Youth Futures Summit 2020

Tickets on Sale | Youth Futures Summit 2020

Every person deserves the opportunity to get a job, put a roof over their head, and live a life with dignity and meaning. To do this, we need opportunities to get education, training and a foot through the door when we are young in order to get on the right track for life. 

But right now, young people aren’t getting these opportunities. They are being left behind by our current education, training, and employment systems and their failure to connect. 

Forces such as technological development, climate change, COVID-19, demographic shifts and globalisation are quickly transforming the world of work. Evidence from the National Youth Commission Australia (NYCA) shows that this connection between education and employment is breaking down, with income and job prospects for young people increasingly under threat in a rapidly changing economy and labour market. 

We can change this. Right now we have the opportunity to change our society and put an end to the high rates of youth unemployment and underemployment. 

The Youth Futures Summit is a week-long virtual event with over 60 different sessions that will bring together thousands of diverse people nationally across multiple sectors and communities to re-imagine education, training and employment systems for young people, and the rest of Australia. 

You can be a part of this. Tickets are ON SALE NOW.

Ticket Options:

$300 – Full Week Ticket
$170 – Half Week Ticket
$20 – Single Session Ticket

50% off for all young people aged 30 years and under

Join us on the 24-28th of August, 2020 for the most ambitious summit on youth employment and transitions in Australia’s history. Together, we will make a better society beyond COVID-19. One that is shaped and designed by everyone, and will support all young people into a secure and sustainable life.

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